RL HOMES - Misrepresentation about amex 2% back /costco executive card

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my business partner went to the trouble and expense of getting a new costco card with the intent of using my amex to achieve the 2% back.when we went to the outlet to get me a card, we were told that my partners wife, the credit card holder had to authorize but that i had to go to amex and get the appropriate card that would allow the rebate on gas.

my partner and i have exceed $3,000 and will do so again.

however costco will now refund the $110.00 that my partner and his wife was charged to get the card that was represented as the 2% rebate.Costco should now institute a new executive business card in our company name and the appropriate Amex card (this was verified with AMerican Express and it is noted on my account).

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